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After our trip to the Ochlocknee River Friday we stopped for lunch at a real Southern Cooking Buffet. We were told to eat light because Angela had a big supper planned for us. HA! Have you ever gone to a buffet for a "light" lunch? We didn't either. We definitely didn't leave that place hungry and we had a great time while we were there. Especially when Carol Pettersson told us her friends thought she might be going to visit one of those "cults". That conversation brought us many laughs over the retreat weekend.

When we returned to Karyl and Ronnie's home some really deep emotional sharing began. We started telling our children's stories to each other. This type of sharing was very important to many that attended the retreat because some had never told their child's story as in depth as was done at the retreat. Some commented they had never had anyone they could tell their stories too. While some commented they had never been able to tell their child's story as completely as they were doing at the retreat. Such was the case below

Patty Jacobs tells her son Allen's story. Patty stated she had never told Allen's story completely, but this day she did. It was very difficult for her but those of us who listened admired her strength and courage. Thank you Patty for allowing me to be a part of this event in your life.

(Left to right)Carol LaBonte, Marge Cline, and Carol Pettersson listen intently as Patty tells Allen's story. I beleive Marge taped the whole story as Patty unfolded it to us.

There were many forms of sharing over the retreat weekend. Besides our children's stories there were discussions on the problems our children had and faced, things that we feel contributed to their deaths by suicide. The main problems discussed were depression, bi-polar, and schizophrenia. Above, Janice Harris discusses her son "Andy" with others as her husband, Kenneth watches and listens.

Another form of sharing over the retreat weekend was through photo albums, scrapbooks, and other items of our children's. Some of the parents set up small memorials of their children that I will show on another page. This is Eileen Vorbach looking at one of the albums that Carol L. brought of her son Ricky Bingham.

Smoking Pot!
The sharing wouldn't be complete without telling you about our smoking pot. No, we didn't smoke pot! Our smoking pot was a clay flower pot that we put our cigarette buts in. During our breaks and free times we smokers would gather in Karyl's back yard around the pot and share with each other. I have to admit that during those times we experienced some intense sharing. In the picture are:
(Left to Right)Kenneth & Janice Harris, Lloyd Carson, Ken & Carol LaBonte, Marge Cline, and Alice Stephens.

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